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Mit einem großen Pool an Schauspielern, Talenten und New Faces ist fAnGfRiSCH Berlin eine feste Größe in der nationalen und internationalen Werbewelt.
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Elisabeth Aare for Novant

Our amazing Elisabeth Aare boxing her soul out in the new goosebumps activating, Novant commercial....

fAnGfRiSCH Freckles
Spring is Coming

Our days become longer. Finally the Sun shines on our faces. Heat up our bodies. What better way to celebrate that than with the beauty of Freckles?! Starring ‪‎fAnGfRiSCH‬ talents; Urte, Cedric, Anna, Artjom, Bettina and Harry....

Bejean and Didem from fAnGfRiSCH berlin for SPARDA BANK

Didem Özek and Bejean Jaye Banner for SPARDA BANK...

  • Artjom Gilz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
  • Artjom Gilz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
  • Artjom Gilz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
  • Artjom Gilz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
  • Artjom Gilz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
  • Artjom Gilz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin

[gallery columns="1" link="none" ids="309,307,305,306,304,308"]...

Karneval Tatort

Bernhard Thomany in Circus HalliGalli...

  • fAnGfriSCH-Maxine Riewe-BW (1)
  • fAnGfriSCH-Maxine Riewe-BW (2)
  • fAnGfriSCH Maxine Riewe Agentur shooting
  • fAnGfriSCH-Maxine Riewe-BW (3)

Agency shooting with the fun loving Maxine. [gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="215,216,218,217" orderby="rand"]...

girocard spot

The new girocard spot is out - starring fAnGfRiSCH talents Christiane Werk and Manuel Iljitsch. ...

anja medau for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
frau anja medau

Fun agency shooting with journalist, moderator, actress and model Anja Medau. For booking requests please contact us....

Kaya Renz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
how to reach your goals with kaya renz

On New Year’s Eve many promises are made. We decided to ask Kaya Renz, fitness-coach, nutritionist and a longtime member of the fangfrisch family for some help how to keep faithful to our pledges.   Why do you think that so many of us fail our New Years resolutions? Many people simply don’t have the right motivation and...

streets agentur berlin
new agency

We are very proud to present the newest addition to the fAnGfRiSCH berlin family. streets is Berlins new go to Agency for walk-on jobs in the movie-, television- and commercial business. Become a part of streets-catalogue by applying on