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Mit einem großen Pool an Schauspielern, Talenten und New Faces ist fAnGfRiSCH Berlin eine feste Größe in der nationalen und internationalen Werbewelt.
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Lena Röpert for REWE

Our lovely and talented Lena Röpert starring as a saleswoman in the new REWE commercial. Not every day one has such a cute costar as Rocco the Bunny....

Maria Motes represented by fangfrisch

We are happy to represent the versatile Maria Motes. This strong photo of Maria was taken by Alexis White. We 🙌🏽 it! ...

Blogger Felix Stein now by fangfrisch
We welcome Blogger Felix Stein

Q. Welcome the fAngfRiSCH-family Felix! What made you decide to become a people model? A. There was no special moment. My mum was a very successful model when she was younger and she is still shooting a few times a month, so maybe it’s a  family thing… :) Q. Tell us 3 interesting talents you have that...

  • isis salam - coming home
Isis Salam – Documentary „Coming home“ on 3Sat

Meet our real life princess, Isis Salam in this new documentary about her life here in Berlin and about the experience she had going back to her roots in Nigeria as her father was crowned King and she Princess. Not as glamorous of a story as it sounds. Having grown up in Canada, now living...

Franco Moreno Santoro for fAnGfRiSCH

We are happy to introduce our happy and handsome New Face Franco Moreno Santoro. ...

  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
  • Kaya Renz from fAnGfRiSCH for Michael Kleber
Kaya Renz for Michael Kleber

  [gallery ids="443,442,439,438,437,436,435,441,440"] One wonderful thing about being a People Agency is that you represent so many cool People, talented beyond looking good in front of the camera. Supplying professionals for professionals and fulfilling our clients wishes and the result is ALWAYS brilliant. Rooftop Yoga photos by Michael Kleber...

New #fRiSCHie Polina

We are very happy to have a new #fRiSCHie on board - everybody meet Polina....

anja medau for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
frau anja medau

Fun agency shooting with journalist, moderator, actress and model Anja Medau. For booking requests please contact us....

Kaya Renz for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
how to reach your goals with kaya renz

On New Year’s Eve many promises are made. We decided to ask Kaya Renz, fitness-coach, nutritionist and a longtime member of the fangfrisch family for some help how to keep faithful to our pledges.   Why do you think that so many of us fail our New Years resolutions? Many people simply don’t have the right motivation and...

Carlo Klingler for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
Go Carlo!

Carlo has his very first shooting today, and it is all the way over in Hamburg. What an adventure! We hope he is having a lot of fun...

lutz-michael for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
New with fAnGfRiSCH berlin

We are very happy to represent this cool fella.  Lutz-Michael Springer visited #fangfrischopen and is as of now available for bookings....

  • Stefan Scheuring_Andrea Katheder_1
  • Stefan Scheuring_Andrea Katheder_5
  • Stefan Scheuring_Andrea Katheder_3
  • Stefan Scheuring_Andrea Katheder_2
  • Stefan Scheuring_Andrea Katheder_6
  • Stefan Scheuring_Andrea Katheder_4
Behind the Scenes with Stefan Scheuring

I bet you all came across model-slash-waiters or actor-slash-bartenders, but model-slash-PR-agency-boss is probably more of a rarity, right?  Well that’s the accurate description of fangfrisch’s Stefan Scheuring. We had the pleasure to join him, behind the scenes, on a shooting for a car brand. When did you start modeling? I started with small model jobs at the age...

thabo paul for fAnGfRiSCH berlin
Let us introduce..

 Thabo Paul, who got his first job after only two days with fangfrisch berlin. We decided to ask him some questions.   Two days with fangfrisch berlin and you landed your first shooting. How do you feel? I feel great. It’s a very good feeling having my first shooting so soon. It gives me courage and I am...