fAnGfRiSCH berlin | Isis Salam – Documentary „Coming home“ on 3Sat
Mit einem großen Pool an Schauspielern, Talenten und New Faces ist fAnGfRiSCH Berlin eine feste Größe in der nationalen und internationalen Werbewelt.
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  • isis salam - coming home

21 Okt Isis Salam – Documentary „Coming home“ on 3Sat

Meet our real life princess, Isis Salam in this new documentary about her life here in Berlin and about the experience she had going back to her roots in Nigeria as her father was crowned King and she Princess. Not as glamorous of a story as it sounds. Having grown up in Canada, now living in Berlin, struggling as a musician she has chosen a very different life for herself, but the expectations of parents don’t end because of different life choices and and children’s will to please doesn’t seem to do so either.

Watch the documentary online HERE