Felix Audu, dancer from Berlin, now available for bookings at fAnGfRiSCH berlin
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Felix Audu for Fangfrisch Berlin


Q. Welcome to the fAngfRiSCH world of castings, photo-shootings and commercials. What made you decide to become a people model?

A. As a performing artist I am constantly creating new shows and concepts. Camera work is an important source of inspiration and helps us to find a sweet spot between commercial shows and art.  When you put a bunch of performing artists together to develop a show things can get a little out of hand and too abstract. Being a people model helps me and my team to become more effective artists in a way.

Q. Tell us 3 interesting talents you have that might come in handy in the area of commercial modelling!

A. Being a dancer/choreographer gives me  great control over my body language.
I grew up doing 14 years Kung fu and Kick Boxing, being on set with me is definitely a secure thing, just in case we get robbed.  After fighting the people that want our cameras I guess I could play a little victory DJ set. 🙂

Q.  Castings can be a bit intimidating, but as a dancer we suspect you have some experience.  Do you have any advice to give talents, just starting in the business?

A. Most of the time you really only have one or two takes. Personally I try to get as close to the role as I can for the first take and then I enhance the role drawing from my life. Don’t play it safe enhance the role/scene with your personality. Generally speaking it is important to show character don’t be afraid to  present yourself and draw from your life to enhance a role.

„The secret to happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage.“

Q. What is the best thing about being a dancer?

A. To be a dancer is a personal pursuit where you learn to move to music up to a point, where it feels like you become a tool to the music playing. When one is really flowing with the music there is a strong feeling of wholeness and you move almost automatically through the music. It is comparable to spiritual experiences. One zones out consciously tunes in with music until it fills every aspect of ones mind. I guess that feeling of flow is the single most astonishing thing to me as a dancer.

Q. Final question: If you where a song, what song would it be?

A. Spirits by Jamie Woon, amazing song. 🙂